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Sep 2020
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An electronic invoicing operator has been launched in the information systems of the Ministry of Finance


In the implementation of large-scale reforms in the further development of the economy of our country, the creation of a number of facilities for society using modern Information Systems is of great importance at the present time.

In this regard, the electronic document exchange system “UzASBO Faktura” (UzASBO Faktura) is used by specialists of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan for mutual accounting with budget organizations and suppliers of goods (work, services). http://invoice.uzasbo.uz) has been developed, and since 17 September of this year, the test is working in a way, it is planned to be launched in real time, starting from 1 October.

This system was registered as an official operator of the State Tax Administration. 

Now through this system, budget organizations will be able to use this system with suppliers of goods (work, service) without any overpayments in order to abandon the formalized invoices in paper form and carry out calculations only on invoices that are formed in electronic form.

This system has a number of advantages, it is perfectly designed to meet modern requirements and is very easy to use (here you can get acquainted with the procedure of use).

At the same time, the system is now considered up to date and serves to reduce the human factor in the process of budget execution, increase control, transparency, as well as ensure the prompt execution of each operation and, most importantly, timely reduction of their revenues to the budget.


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